20 April, 2011

People Still Don’t Understand The Internet

No, not just libs. Conservatives too. All walks of life.

But the latest to not understand it are the wonderful folks at Wonkette. You may recall that I blogged about the sick twisted freaks there earlier today. I also said that I blocked the site in my browser. Well recent events made me have to unblock it. Temporarily. It’s blocked again.

You see, a bit of a firestorm erupted today about the nice Trig Palin post there. And Stuef has been placed on double secret probation over the incident.

Also, several advertisers have apparently dropped their buys on the site. These include at the current time, Papa John’s, Huggies, and Vanguard Financial. By the time you’re reading this there will likely be more. Apparently The March of Dimes is an advertiser on the site. I can’t imagine they’ll be too happy to be associated with this.

But all that is prelude. The most delicious thing is that people that run websites still don’t understand the web. The wonderful folks at Wonkette have tried to memory hole all the comments from their sick twisted freak users. But, Google cache can be your friend.

I’ve grabbed all the comments and screen capped, so they won’t be lost forever.

Memory hole this, Wonkette.


After that, sane normal people arrived and started calling out these sick twisted freaks for what they are.

For now, the original post is still there, sans comments, but new ones have started arriving that are just as vile. I’m guessing that at some point the entire post will be memory holed. No worries. I’ve got screen caps of it too.

Memory hole this, you sick twisted freaks.


  1. Well, well, THAT was a disgusting display of inhumanity.

  2. Yeah, it's so disgusting that I actually don't recommend you read it all (too late, probably). I just didn't want the evidence of what these sick people said to disappear forever.

  3. Thanks for preserving this. Mind if I save the image?

  4. You're welcome.

    Do whatever you wish. Grab, re-post, whatever. I don't even ask for credit. Anyone could've done this. Was easy.

  5. I honestly do feel sorry for the kid; it's bad enough being constantly under the microscope when you're a politician's child. Worse still is when politician in question is a deranged teabagger, and your older sister is a slattern who hooked up with the biggest loser on the continent. And on top of all that you have a birth condition that dooms you to be a slobbering retard *until the day you die*.

    How awful!

  6. Thanks, Dark Star, for showing us again what liberals mean when they say "tolerance" and "civility".