22 April, 2011


Mark this down. This will be the definitive post on President Barack Obama’s natural born citizenship status.

First, I want to state a couple things up front.

One, I think he was born in Hawaii. And two, discussion of this entire issue is a trap set for us by the Democrat Media Complex. Obama and his minions know that they can count on the MSM to trot out this issue whenever things look bad for The One. It’s a distraction. Why are we talking about birth certificates when we should be talking about jobs, inflation, and debt? Because they want us to do so.

Everyone keeps saying "why won't Obama produce the birth certificate?" and assuming the answer is "because he can't"

I'm saying the answer isn't because he can't, but because it serves him better not to. Now he gets to use it as a distraction, to keep us from talking about the serious issues of the day, the ones that are going to make him a one term President.

The way Alinsky followers win (and make no mistake, Obama worships Alinsky) is to get you to play in their arena by their rules.

Gonna quote Breitbart here:
Alinsky Rules:
1. Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Deception is useful, and giving the other side incomplete information is just as useful.
4. Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.
5. Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.
6. A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.
13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize, and polarize it. This is the most important and famous of Alinsky's rules. You have to pick a target, then freeze it and prevent it from shifting blame elsewhere, then personalize it by making sure that it is something specific and identifiable rather than general, and finally, polarize it by demonizing it.

Finally, Alinsky provides a simple reminder: the real action is in the enemy's reaction.

So, what's going on here is simple. Obama has many flaws, and he's definitely not the most brilliant man in just about any room, but he understands Alinsky.

By withholding the birth certificate, he does the following:
1) Gives us incomplete information that causes a reaction (rule #1 and reminder)
2) Forces people to get lost in the Constitutionality argument (he knows there are more than a few strict constructionists on our side) (rule #4)
3) Allows the MSM and people like Letterman to ridicule us, which they enjoy (rule #5 and rule #6)
4) This ridicule they can apply with a broad brush ("Rethuglicans really think he was born in Kenya") or a specific one, i.e. Trump, who is targeted, frozen, personalized, and polarized. And it works even with politicos who don't jump on the birther bandwagon. Every politician with an 'R' by their name gets asked about this in just about every interview. This is deliberate. It hits all the rules, and they're still targeting, freezing, personalizing and polarizing. If the politico comes out in support of the birther movement, s/he is polarized against the "intelligent" left, and if against the birther movement, s/he is polarized against their very base.

It's a brilliant tactic by Obama, and we're getting played.

Stop being played, unless you really want to see another 4 years of this clown.

Dump the issue. We need to play our game. This is how we win.

But forget Alinsky. Let’s actually look at whether he’s a natural born citizen or not.

First, you have to understand that while "natural born citizenship" is a Constitutional requirement to hold the office of President, nowhere in the Constitution does it state the requirements for "natural born citizenship". That's set by statute. That’s very important, because the statute is not constant. It has been changed many times and will likely be changed again.

According to current statute, he would be a natural born citizen regardless of where he was born. According to statutes in effect at the time of his birth, he would not be, but only because he was born about 5 months too soon (His mother needed to be older).

So, what does that mean?

Well, the statute could be changed to make current requirements valid back to the time of Obama's birth. Or a new statute could be passed making the terms even more or less restrictive. Of, Congress could just declare him a natural born citizen, as they did with John McCain. Or, if this or some other birthright citizenship case made it to the Supreme Court, SCOTUS could rule that even the current requirements are too restrictive. If they did so, then he would likely be a natural born citizen because his mother was, regardless of her age or where he was born.

So, there’s about a half dozen ways that he could legally become a natural born citizen retroactively, even if he’s not one now. To avoid a Constitutional crisis, it is an absolute certainty that at least one of these would happen.

In other words, this issue is a complete waste of time. The Constitution is not specific enough in this respect to have any sort of valid argument that he's a non-citizen, or non-natural born citizen.

Get over it. Move on to something that matters. Stop playing his game.

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