21 April, 2011


No, I’m not channeling Dan Rather.

Yesterday, President Barack Obama (D-USA) said of the GOP “Path to Prosperity”, “No, I don't think it's particularly courageous”.

Hmmm. Interesting choice of words.

Here I go with math again. Sorry.

The issue is fiscal responsibility.

Obama plan: $4 trillion debt reduction (over original plan) over 12 years.

Ryan plan:  $6 trillion deficit spending reduction over 10 years.

By any objective measure, and just about any subjective one, the Ryan plan is far more fiscally responsible.

So, if the Ryan plan is not “particularly courageous”, then a plan that does less would be, what? How about “abject cowardice”? I think I can go with that.

Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. President.

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