30 April, 2012

P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

Just completed the day 3 workout. This one was a bit harder for me. I’m weak on upper body, and I always have been. But the real reason this one was harder is that I pushed myself harder. Even though each workout is different, I think I’m starting to get a feel of the intensity level and how hard I can push myself and still have enough left in the tank to finish.

Also, this one was mostly weights, variations on bicep curls, etc. I bought a fairly cheap set of barbells. I can change the weights on them, but it’s not incredibly easy to do so. It’s hard enough that I don’t want to take a break from the pace P90X sets for you to do it. So, I used the same weight for almost all of the exercises, and it might have been a bit too high for a few of them.

There are a few exercises where Tony specifically says to lower the weight. For those, I used my resistance bands. Note that you can use resistance bands pretty much throughout P90X. You can even use them for the pull up exercises. I don’t like them, because I feel like it’s too easy for me to cheat up a little with them. YMMV.

Anyway, I’ve determined that (so far) it looks like I can get by with 3 different weight amounts. A lighter weight for the ones where Tony directs it, the regular weight that I’ve been using, and another that’s a bit heavier. That weight amount was too light for me on one of the exercises on day one. Then I’ll hopefully being upgrading the weight amounts for all three as time goes by.

I have to admit, today’s workout was fun. It was hard, and I’m definitely feeling it. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to really be feeling it tomorrow. Like the other two days, it’s about an hour, and after about 35-40 minutes, I was ready for it to be over.

Finally, today had the 15 minute Ab Ripper X set at the end. These are optional, and hard as…well, they’re hard. Smile But I did do the full 25 reps for all but one of the exercises this time, unlike Saturday. That meant I had to pause the disc a couple times, because even though I did 25, I couldn’t keep up with the trainer’s pace. You do 12 different ab exercises, and 25 reps (at least) of each, in under 15 minutes. And then you go lay on the ground and whimper.

Tomorrow, Yoga X. The light yoga exercises I’ve been doing have been killing me. I can’t wait to see what kind of torture the P90X gang has dreamed up. Stay tuned.

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