15 January, 2021

Despite All Evidence to the Contrary

Cindy McCain Blasts GOP - Says It Was Once About Inclusion But 'We Have Lost Our Way' (lifezette.com)

“I think what we have seen here is when I began in the Republican Party officially, the Republican Party was the party of inclusion,” she said. “It was the party of generosity. It was the party of country first. We have lost our way.”

I don’t see how you can reconcile that view with, err, reality.

Trump Hits 60-Year High Among Minority Voters | Newsmax.com

President Donald Trump’s performance in the 2020 election was the best a Republican presidential candidate has done among minority voters in 60 years, according to NBC News’ exit polling.

NBC found that Trump won 26% of the vote among non-white voters, the highest since Richard Nixon’s unsuccessful campaign against John F. Kennedy in 1960. Trump won 21% of the minority vote in 2016.

In 2020, Trump won:

  • 57% of white voters.
  • 12% of Black voters.
  • 32% of Hispanic and Latino voters.
  • 31% of Asian voters.
  • 40% of other voters.

What cost Trump the election was that he did exceptionally poorly with white males and suburban whites of any gender. Hardly fitting for a candidate representing “white supremacy” nor for a candidate that’s not sending an inclusive message.

I submit to Cindy McCain that it’s her vision of the party that is not the inclusive one. Maybe she should think about that.

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