14 January, 2021

Leftists Really Hate America

John Hindraker over at Power Line Blog details the new standards for K-12 Social Studies being proposed in Minnesota.


Here are some of the things that will no longer be covered in the public school curriculum:

* World War I
* World War II
* The Holocaust
* The Civil War
* The American Revolution
* Communism
* Notable Americans like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

You may ask, what in God’s name do the standards cover? The usual:

* Systemic racism in the U.S., rooted in our founding
* How freedom and democracy have included or excluded certain groups throughout our history
* Developing a “respectful awareness” of the LGBTQ+ community
* The Reconstruction period, specifically successful efforts to disenfranchise newly freed Black Americans and connecting this history to persistent discrimination and inequity in the present
* An analysis of the ideology of Manifest Destiny and its relationship to whiteness, Christianity, and capitalism

Concerns raised by Minnesota citizens over this proposal have been dismissed as “white supremacy”.

This is what you get when you vote for Democrats.

As the man says, “read the whole thing”.

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