15 January, 2021

More Bans on Conservative Thought

Mailchimp Boots Gun-Rights Group - Washington Free Beacon

Mailchimp blocked Virginia's top gun-rights group from sending newsletters through its service for unspecified reasons.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) announced Wednesday night that its account with the leading mass-distribution service had been suspended. The tech giant failed to provide any reason for the decision. The blackout has left the group scrambling to find an alternative.

And Politico is in hot water for daring to publish an editorial written by a conservative!

The Media is Actively Running the Social Media Purge of Conservatives | Frontpagemag

Telegram and Signal are built around privacy. The media wasn't objecting to the widespread use of Telegram by Islamic terrorists. Much like Apple had a very different policy on unlocking the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorists than it did on purging Trump supporters after the election.

The Forbes hit piece on Telegram and Signal notes that the latter was used by BLM rioters. Not a problem. It's only a problem when conservatives use it.

What that really says, without having the honesty to say it, is that the lefty media's goal is to eliminate open platforms and replace them with closed platforms that protect and promote abusive behavior by lefties, while cracking down on any conservative speech.

The media is at war with the First Amendment. It's at war with the internet. It's at war with freedom.

Facebook Bans Company from Advertising Their Patriotic Gear (lifezette.com)

LeAnn Miller, business owner of the company PatrioticMe (scary name), had her Facebook advertising account shut down by the social media overlords and it has cost her 94% of her traffic.

According to her interview in The Blaze, her company was started in 2019 and launched on September 11, 2020 to honor the heroic American first responders of the terrorist attacks.

A portion of her sales is donated to Tunnel to Towers Foundation which is a charity that provides mortgage-free smart homes to Gold Star Families with surviving family members and veterans or first responders with catastrophic injuries suffered in the line of duty.

Kassam Suspended From Twitter for Tweeting the Time - The National Pulse

Kassam’s January 14th tweet regarding the inauguration of Joe Biden – which simply established the time that Biden’s “victory” was established on election night and the time the election was certified – prompted the suspension.

“They intended to “inaugurate” a President to an empty National Mall, surrounded by 20,000 troops, after a “victory” claimed in the dead of night, and a certification of electors in the dead of night. #DemocracyDiesInDarkness,” he tweeted.

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