12 January, 2021

Why I can’t Get Exorcised About Last Week’s Riot in D.C.

I would be appalled if only the people telling me to be appalled were appalled last summer when I was.

During the riots that followed George Floyd’s death, the death toll was at least thirty as of early August, including two DHS officers, one fatally shot execution-style. Retired law enforcement officer David Dorn was also murdered trying to help a friend secure his business during riots in St. Louis, Missouri. One was an 8-year-old, Secoriea Turner, who was shot in Atlanta when her mother was trying to drive away from the chaos. More than 700 local, state, and federal officers were injured nationwide, many of them seriously.

According to the DHS, 150 federal buildings were damaged, and countless businesses, small and large, were destroyed. Black and minority-owned businesses were hit hardest, with an estimated $2 billion in insurance damage alone. That doesn’t consider the long-term damage in these communities. Areas of Los Angeles have still not recovered from the Rodney King riots in 1992.

During the entire summer, leading Democrats excused, endorsed, ignored, or justified the violence. A Media Research Center analysis found that 99.3% of broadcast media coverage ignored the murder victims.

Insurrection my a**.

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