20 January, 2021

The Relentless Attack on Conservative Thought Continues

Today’s blacklisted conservative: Lawyer who represented Trump fired by university (behindtheblack.com)

Chapman University President Daniele Struppa promptly denounced Eastman for engaging in constitutionally protected free speech. Struppa accused Eastman in a Jan. 8 statement of playing “a role in the tragic events in Washington, D.C., that jeopardized our democracy. … Eastman’s actions are in direct opposition to the values and beliefs of our institution. He has now put Chapman in the position of being publicly disparaged for the actions of a single faculty member, and for what many call my failure to punish and fire him,” Struppa wrote.

The Left is coming for you. Even if you’re a “good American”, eventually you’ll slip. And they’ll get you.

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