21 January, 2021

Well, this Won’t Help the Economy Either

Biden nixes Keystone XL permit, halts Arctic refuge leasing  | TheHill

During President Trump’s (R-USA) administration, the U.S. became a net exporter of fossil fuels. Biden wants to make us more dependent on others again and increase the cost of energy. Note that nothing he is doing is reducing energy demand, just availability.

When you decrease supply, and don’t do anything about demand, prices go up. That will be just great.

And as I’ve already pointed out, shutting down Keystone XL accomplishes no good whatsoever and has the wonderful side effect of p*ssing off our neighbors to the North.

One day in office, and already I can’t wait for this administration to end.

1,460 more days until January 20, 2025.

This is what you voted for. #IToldYouSo.

UPDATE: Right on cue: ‘Incredibly Troubling,’ ‘Deeply Disturbed’: Canadian Lawmakers React To Biden Energy Policy | The Daily Wire

“While we welcome the President’s commitment to fight climate change, we are disappointed but acknowledge the President’s decision to fulfill his election campaign promise on Keystone XL,” Trudeau said in a statement, according to the New York Post.

“Canada is the single-largest supplier of energy to the United States, contributing to U.S. energy security and economic competitiveness, and supporting thousands of jobs on both sides of the border,” he continued. “Workers in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and across Canada will always have our support.”

No matter. The idiot has spoken and he has used his crayon to put this into effect.

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