20 January, 2021

Twitter’s Assault on Free Speech Claims Some More Victims

Twitter suspends Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, Right Side Broadcasting Network accounts | One America News Network (oann.com)

Yes, I am going to keep documenting these.

On Tuesday, conservative activist Michelle Malkin took to Telegram to announce Twitter had locked her account without following typical protocol, which would require an explanation of the suspension and opportunity to delete posts violating Twitter policy.

The political commentator asserted her profile’s 24-hour suspension was politically motivated and pointed to her account’s final tweet. In her last post, she warned Americans about censorship on mass media platforms. She noted these restrictions go against the spirit of the Constitution.

There’s some irony there.

According to Twitter, if you’re calling attention to heaps of voter fraud evidence that threatens a Democrat politician’s political power then you’re cancelled. If you call for the hanging of a Republican vice president, however, you are a trending topic.

Well, I could do with fewer voter fraud fantasies, myself. But I don’t think they should be censored.

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