20 January, 2021

January 20, 2021–The Beginning of the End?

When President Barack Obama (D-USA) was inaugurated, I wished him luck.

I also said this:

I am thrilled that my daughters (now 2 and 5) will grow up in a world where a black man has been elected President. While that is a reason for celebration, a better reason for celebration would be that it’s non-news, and that no one cares whether the President is black or white or green with purple polka-dots. I don’t see that event coming anytime soon, much to my dismay.

Hopefully this does represent a milestone in race relations and a sign that one’s race is unimportant in America. I have my doubts, but will continue to have cautious optimism on that front.

And, since I realize that I never got around to it back in November, congratulations, President Barack Obama (D-USA). Your hard fought campaign and victory has earned my respect and admiration. Keeping them is up to you.

So, while I had my doubts about an Obama Presidency, I tried to find causes for optimism. I did not wish him to fail. I want all Presidents to succeed, if success is defined as improving life in our country.

I had serious doubts about him, most of which turned out to be justified. But on this day, 12 years ago, I tried to convey a message of hope, and to have hope myself.

I have no such delusions regarding the next four years. Joe Biden is going to be a failure as a President and the country is going to suffer for it, possibly irreparably.

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