22 February, 2021

Odd That Parler Was Singled Out

Court Docs: Facebook Played Much Bigger Part In Capitol Riot Than Parler (thefederalist.com)

The Department of Justice has now charged 223 people for their participation in the events of Jan. 6. A comprehensive analysis of those charging documents performed by Forbes demonstrate that Parler’s role was minimal, compared to that of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Of the 223 charging documents, 73 reference posts on Facebook as evidence, 24 reference posts YouTube, 20 single out Instagram posts (owned by Facebook), and only eight highlight posts on Parler.

Yet Parler was the one that was deplatformed, that no longer has an app available on the Google Store or the Apple Store.

It’s almost as if they were singled out because conservatives tend to gather there.

Big Tech can effectively remove the ability of entire groups of people to engage and persuade in the public square.

That is, until Parler. Parler was able to do what no other alternative to Big Tech has been: achieve mainstream status as a viable competitor. By operating its platform in a more First Amendment-friendly way, Parler threatened to upend the Big Tech speech cartel.

Well, we can’t have that. And we certainly can’t have someone distributing messages that we don’t want the public to hear.

Big Tech doesn’t want market competition. But they also don’t want competition for information and narrative control. Conservatives reaching critical mass on another platform just cannot be allowed. Thus Jan. 6, for all of its horrible events, offered a convenient and successful excuse by which Big Tech could solve its Parler problem—even though the DOJ charging documents have now made clear that Parler’s role was minor.

Read the whole thing. I’ve barely scratched the surface.

It’s not only worse than you imagine, but worse than you can imagine.

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