22 February, 2021

The Media has a Strange New Respect for the Difficulties of Being President

Media discovers: Presidenting in a pandemic is unexpectedly difficult (hotair.com)

Huh. I don’t recall Politico thinking that when President Donald Trump (R-USA) was at the helm. Fortunately for President Joe Biden (D-USA), the vaccine created under Trump’s watch and the typical two year lifetime of a pandemic plays into his favor. At this point, the ship is on course, and as long as he doesn’t touch the rudder, he can coast into the harbor and claim victory.

Biden repeatedly promised to have schools fully open by April, claimed that the Trump administration had no logistical plan (and no vaccine), and then set a target vaccination rate that the Trump team was already meeting. Remember when Biden insisted he had a plan to defeat COVID-19? To date, we still have not seen any comprehensive policies in place that didn’t originate in the Trump White House.

All of this looks like some convenient expectation-lowering by the media, not just the White House. This is what narrative-building looks like, and we can expect to see more of this in the weeks ahead to cover for Biden’s failures as they unfold.

This is what we can expect over the next four years. The media gave Trump a greased pole to climb, and whenever he managed to somehow get near the top in spite of them, they just made it taller. Biden gets to ride an express elevator straight to the top.


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