22 February, 2021

Thank God this Man Never Became a Supreme Court Justice

Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland: Far-Left Rioters Attacking Federal Courthouse Not Domestic Terrorism Because It’s At Night When Court Is Closed | The Daily Wire

President Joe Biden’s nominee for U.S. attorney general, Merrick Garland, said during the first day of his confirmation hearing on Monday that the attacks on federal courthouses in the Pacific Northwest may not qualify as domestic terrorism because the attacks happen at night when the court is closed.

If you really believe this, then you’re an idiot. But wait, there’s more.

Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland: DOJ Open To Helping ‘Craft Legislation’ With Congress To Combat Online Misinfo, Incitement | The Daily Wire

The DoJ working with the government to shred the First Amendment.

Ok, calling you an idiot was too kind and is an insult to idiots.

You do not have the mental or emotional ability to do to your job. Or any job in government.

Please, retire quickly and quietly.

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