21 February, 2021

We’re Way Past ‘Unhealthy Obsession’ at this Point

Former Impeachment Manager won't stop until he can find a way to bar Trump from political life | The Post Millennial

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, the head of the Trump impeachment team, said live on TV on Wednesday that there is another way they can bar Trump from running in the future.

Raskin stated that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment may be used against the former president in this case.

I’ve heard this argument before, and in my opinion it’s a stronger argument than what they’ve attempted so far. But I think that SCOTUS would eventually rule that is not the intent of that clause. Hard to say, though.

But the real point is that the Democrats just can’t let President Donald Trump (R-USA) go.

There’s this, too.

Democrats' bill would ban Trump's name from U.S. buildings and monuments, prevent Arlington burial - Washington Times

Thirteen House Democrats have co-sponsored a bill that would bar the federal government from naming any buildings or monuments for former President Donald Trump, and would block his burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

The “No Glory for Hate Act,” introduced late last month by Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez of California, also would bar Mr. Trump from receiving a federal pension valued at $220,000 per year, office space, and paid staff. He would still be entitled to Secret Service protection.

Trump allies say the proposal is more proof that Democrats are consumed with hatred for Mr. Trump.

Trump allies are correct. All of these people need to seek professional help. Quickly. They are mentally ill. He’s gone. Move on with your lives. Move on with your real jobs. There is no Trump bogeyman in the closet.

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