18 April, 2021

Democrats Prove—Again—That Riots Are Only Bad When One Side Does Them

Gov. DeSantis Signs “Anti-Riot” Bill, Democrats Upset (lifezette.com)

But not everyone is thrilled about the new laws put in place to help protect protesters. According to Florida Sen. Daryl Rouson, who happens to be a Democrat, “This won’t stop anything, except those who are afraid. I’m not afraid. I just want to say to people, keep on knocking, keep on protesting, keep on rising in spite of an attempt to stifle voices.”

So while the Republicans are trying to protect the liberties of Americans, the Democrats are still urging for restlessness and violence although their President’s current narrative is “Unity”.

We can’t have a law that clamps down on riots unless it specifically targets “right-wing” “white supremacists”. Otherwise, it’s just a racist intimidation act that must be resisted.

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