18 April, 2021

That’s Because It Is

Americans Now View Biden Border Crisis As A Bigger Problem Than COVID-19 (lifezette.com)

According to a new research poll conducted by Pew Research, Americans’ concern over the crisis at the Southern Border now surpasses the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since Biden has taken office, the number of migrants being detained at the border has reached record numbers. In addition there is concern with the number of migrant children being detained in cages and the number of migrants being released into communities don’t have the resources to properly handle the influx.

The worst thing about this from President Joe Biden’s (D-USA) standpoint is that there’s no way they can pin this on Trump. I am sure they will try, but you’d have to be gullible beyond belief to fall for it.

There was no crisis before Biden took office. Biden changed policies and let everyone know he was going to have an open-door policy regarding illegal aliens, and immediately there’s a crisis. This is all on Joe.

Democrat Presidents hate it when they can’t blame things on their Republican predecessor. Obama did it for 8 years. Joe is going to try to do it too, but he can’t on this one.

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