18 April, 2021

Twitter Isn’t Even Pretending Anymore

Paper Uses ‘Breached’ Data To Dox Police Who Donated To Innocent Colleague Targeted By BLM; Twitter Promotes | The Daily Wire

Why is that significant? Oh yeah…

British news outlet The Guardian published an article Friday, based on information from a group that specializes in trafficking hacked materials, listing the names of low-level police employees who anonymously donated to funds supporting the due process rights of colleagues who have garnered the ire of Black Lives Matter.

Twitter then put it atop its “trending” section, which is manually curated by the site – after it silenced all references to an election-eve New York Post story that was damaging to the Joe Biden campaign, claiming it violated a policy that Twitter will not promote hacked materials. There is no evidence the Hunter Biden laptop featured in the story was hacked.

See, Twitter claimed they were blocking the Post story because it was due to a “hack”, even though it clearly wasn’t.

Now we have another story, that is based upon a hack, and it’s not only not squelched, it’s promoted.

Curious, that.

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