20 April, 2021

Positively Revolting

But then we know from Project Veritas that CNN isn’t really a news organization, they are the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party.

WATCH: CNN defends Maxine Waters incitement of violence against police | The Post Millennial

One guest on the program, Matthew Dowd, said effectively that he considered Waters to be above criticism.

"I actually just listened to Maxine Waters. We all have to be cognizant of what we say. I don't think what she said in anyway should, we should criticize her for. Of course, we should be more confrontational. That doesn't mean we should be more violent," he said.

It’s clear that they would not have been nearly as forgiving regarding the same words from President Donald Trump (R-USA). Media bias is one thing. This goes way beyond that. The FEC should examine their books and fine them for unlawful contributions to the Democratic Party.

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