01 October, 2021

It’s Impossible To Reason With People Like This

MSNBC Columnist Compares Republicans to Taliban – PJ Media

In a bizarre Wednesday morning column, MSNBC’s Dean Obeidallah claimed that Republicans’ condemnations of the Taliban have no merit because the GOP opposes “women’s rights.”

“I have to wonder where these voices were when extremists, based on a narrow reading of their religion’s beliefs, enacted a law that forces a woman who was raped to carry the fetus of the rapist to term?” Obeidallah wrote, likely referring to Republicans supporting recent pro-life laws.

The failed comedian and lawyer grants that “nobody is saying the GOP and the Taliban are equally bad,” yet adds that pro-life Republicans can’t truly oppose the Taliban’s 12th-century misogyny because most GOP lawmakers, including House Leader Kevin McCarthy, voted against reauthorizing the “Violence Against Women Act,” and some hope the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Yes, that’s right. Protecting the lives of the unborn is equivalent to chopping people’s heads off.

If you’re really that stupid, you shouldn’t be writing an opinion column for a major news media organization. If you’re just trying to be shocking and use hyperbole to grab people’s attention, you need to re-think your methods, because you’re doing more harm than good.

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