02 October, 2021

Let’s Face It. If His Name Was Donald Trump Jr., All of the Hunter Biden Stories Would Be Front Page News

Facebook suspends news outlet for reporting on latest Hunter Biden story (reclaimthenet.org)

However, in this new scandal, Facebook seems to be running to Hunter’s defense again.

Biden was caught on video with an alleged prostitute in a video published by the British newspaper Daily Mail, describing how Russian drug traffickers may be blackmailing him over a stolen laptop (not the one described in the initial New York Post article).

The video then shows Hunter alleging that there are possibly incriminating videos of him “doing crazy fucking sex” on the laptop but showed no nudity.

Facebook took down The Western Journal’s coverage of the controversy from its platform on Thursday. Amidst all the action, The Western Journal was also barred from streaming on the platform for the next 30 days.

You can’t handle the truth. So Big Tech protects you from it.

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