01 October, 2021

I Don’t Know–Maybe He Deserved The Emmy After All

LOL: Cuomo Says He Thinks He Would Have Survived Impeachment – PJ Media

Cuomo expressed his confidence during an interview with New York Magazine. “I feel like I did the right thing. I did the right thing for the state,” he said. “I’m not gonna drag the state through the mud, through a three-month, four-month impeachment, and then win, and have made the State Legislature and the state government look like a ship of fools, when everything I’ve done all my life was for the exact opposite. I’m not doing that. I feel good. I’m not a martyr. It’s just, I saw the options, option A, option B.”

Cuomo’s confidence seems unfounded. In the wake of Attorney General Letitia James’s report, which concluded that the governor committed sexual harassment against at least eleven women in violation of state and federal law, a majority of Democrats in the New York State legislature supported impeachment. Some even supported impeaching him despite his resignation.

Cuomo’s a schmuck. This is delicious schadenfreude. He deserves all this and more.

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