02 October, 2021

Strange–This Wasn’t Disrespectful Last Year. What Changed?

Instagram blocks critical comments of Biden through it's "disrespectful" content filter (reclaimthenet.org)

Instagram introduced a selection of new tools this year, intended at assisting users in protecting their accounts against “harassment.”

However, the tool appears to be working to protect the Biden administration from some unwanted criticism. In response to President Biden’s handling of the Afghan evacuation, Instagram invoked a comment-censoring effort to protect him from “disrespectful” words.

You can’t call President Biden (D-USA) a loser on Instagram. Huh. Imagine if that rule had bee in place from 2017-2020. I wonder why it wasn’t.

I won’t censor you here. Please feel free to call President Joe Biden (D-USA) a loser. Because that is, in fact, an accurate description. I’d let you call him that though even if it weren’t. I believe in free speech.

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