02 October, 2021

This Is Beyond Frightening

Biden administration demands Facebook hands over data on "misinformation" and vaccine skeptics (reclaimthenet.org)

Next, the Gestapo or KGB makes a dawn raid at your house.

According to them, The White House and Facebook have had a series of meetings whose aim was to get the social media giant to turn over massive amounts of user data to the government, apparently as a “good will gesture” – since there doesn’t seem to be any legal ground for such a request.

Instead, the “tense” meetings saw the administration’s COVID crew “begging” Facebook to give them access to data showing how many people on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp see content branded as coronavirus misinformation, how many are still undecided whether to get the jab, and also the efficiency of Facebook’s censorship algorithms, i.e., how many people still get to see content that it aims to block.

Amazing that Facebook realizes that this isn’t a good idea. But they understand that if they don’t protect their users, they won’t have any.

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