We stand for more accountability from the government to provide universal health care for the people. We know that in the United States people think about a free health care system as being socialist and somehow bad. But the truth is, that this is just not the case.


We believe that free health care is a right for all citizens and people in our great country.

We want to help those one in seven people who are denied health care because they cannot even afford the insurance payments. This just can’t be right in a country that is supposedly first world. What’s even more of a crime is that a lot of disabled and retired people as well as veterans are denied access to even the most basic health care or are forced to pay out of pocket for it. These are people who need our help and it is not right that we are leaving them out to dry.

That’s why we want to raise awareness around this issue and get more people involved in the fight for free health care for all.

Did you know that every other first world and industrial country has access to free health care and benefits to make sure they can live their life? Why are we failing to provide even the most basic human needs to our people when other capitalist and free market countries seem to have no problem affording it.

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