28 December, 2021

Two Grim Milestones

According to Wikipedia, which gets their data from the official sources (i.e., not Johns Hopkins, which is what the media uses), we reached 771,151 deaths from the China virus in the United States last Thursday (December 23). That means 386,792 deaths from this virus have occurred since January 20, 2021, the day that President Joe Biden (D-USA) took office.

That is more than the 384,359 deaths that had occurred prior to President Biden taking office.

It’s his virus now. He owns it. And he was dealt a much better hand than former President Trump (R-USA). He already had the vaccine when he came into office. He already had effective treatments. And the pandemic was already in its second year. Few last more than two. This one appears destined to do so.

But wait, there’s more. 422,691 cases were reported on Monday, December 27th.  That shatters the previous record of 371,409 from August 13th.

And he has no plan to make things better. Only more of the same. Which hasn’t worked.

Great job, Joe.

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