28 December, 2021

Pretty Sure That He Would Know Best

Kyle Rittenhouse Body Guard Weighs In on Lefty Claims That the Kid Is a 'Racist' – PJ Media

T.C. Willis shadowed Rittenhouse throughout the trial and is disgusted by the mischaracterizations of the now-18-year-old by people who have no idea why he was found not guilty for the Kenosha shootings. He told a Knoxville TV reporter that people need to inform themselves “so at least when you do go into a debate you can debate efficiently and effectively.” The lead security professional also said that “most people are driven by their emotions, I’m not saying don’t have any, but don’t be driven alone by those.”

Yeah, but he’s just another whitey standing up for whitey, right? Err…no.

[T]he fact that he’s black and protecting a man the Left has reflexively labeled a “white supremacist” or “racist” put “a different perspective [on things] and I guess being black, obviously, for someone that was being called a racist for over a year and a half … no, they are definitely not racist.”


I’ll resist the urge to comment further.

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