30 December, 2021

It Figures

Jim Clyburn Says Democrats Will ‘Get Around’ Filibuster To Pass Progressive Voting Expansion | The Daily Wire

There’s nothing less democratic than the Democrats’ proposals to overhaul voting in America, so it makes sense they’d work to “get around” other traditional democratic principles to pass it.

For the record, again, I am not opposed to filibuster reform. And I think it will eventually disappear. It’s really just a matter of which party eventually does it. My money is on the Democrats, but I really wouldn’t be surprised either way. I know that whenever it happens, the opposition party and media will hyperventilate about it for weeks.

However, “getting around” things bothers me.

Clyburn made the comments to “Axios on HBO,” telling the program that passing the Democrats’ desired legislation “may require some jiu-jitsu, but that’s not beyond the Senate to do that.”

“They’ll come up with some way to get around it,” Clyburn added. “We had better come up with some way to get around it, because this democracy is teetering on collapse.”

He doesn’t get the irony of his statement. Democracy is teetering on collapse, and yet we have to “get around” the rules in the Senate to “fix” it.

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