29 December, 2021

Titleist Goes Into Full Biden Protection Mode

Yes, you read that right. Titleist. Golf balls.

Titleist Blocks ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ On Golf Balls, Allows Numerous Vulgar Messages | The Daily Wire

This isn’t even a case of “what would they do if it were Trump”. We know.

Titleist has blocked golfers from writing “Let’s Go Brandon!” on personalized golf balls, but vulgar messages such as “Kill Trump” are apparently hunky-dory.

Daily Wire reported last week that the giant golf company blocks customers from putting the anti-President Joe Biden statement on golf balls, but Fox News followed up, finding out that all sorts of derogatory messages can indeed be put on personalized golf balls, despite Titleist’s policies.

“Certain political and vulgar messages that Fox News Digital tested on the website did not receive the same error message including ‘F Trump,’ ‘ACAB,’ ‘Antifa,’ ‘Kill Cops,’ ‘Impeach Trump’ and ‘Kill Trump.'”

“Kill Trump” gets the thumbs up from Titleist, but “Let’s Go Brandon” is forbidden.


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