30 December, 2021

In a Just World, He Would

Biden Says He’d Be Willing To Lose Presidency Over Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal | The Daily Wire

In a just world, there are already about a dozen things in not quite a year, that would cost him the White House.

“You mean, you’re willing to lose your presidency?” Braver asked, seemingly shocked.

“My presidency, that’s right,” Biden trumpeted. “Because I’m gonna stick with it. There’s certain things that are just, like for example Afghanistan. Well, I’ve been against that war in Afghanistan from the very beginning. We were spending $300 million a week in Afghanistan, over 20 years. Now, everybody says, ‘You could have gotten out without anybody being hurt.’ No one’s come up with a way to ever indicate to me how that happens. … And so, there are certain things that are just so important.”

He’s not totally wrong on Afghanistan. His predecessor was in favor of getting out also. But there’s a difference between an organized withdrawal and completely abandoning your allies and the troops. He should lose his job over this.

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