27 September, 2010

Epic Fail

37 days until the great flood.

As you by now already know, Stephen Colbert “testified” before the House Judiciary Committee on Immigration on Friday. It’s hard to say who looked more pathetic, Colbert, or the Democrats who called upon him to testify.

It isn’t hard to say that this was a new low water mark in Congressional cluelessness.

I don’t even understand why the Democrats would want to pull a stunt like this. Especially so close to an election. Especially so close to this election. If I were in the Democrat leadership, I’d be trying to get the message out that “We’re the party that understands everyday Americans. We know what you’re going through, and we know how tough it is, and we’re the ones you can trust to get this country moving in the right direction again.”

Having a comedian testify in character sends pretty much the exact opposite message. This could very well cost the Dems 2-3 more points on the Generic Ballot. This is not something they need right now. It was a very dumb mistake, an unforced error as Ed Morrissey likes to say.

I’ll just say it like the cool kids do.

Epic Fail.

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