26 September, 2010

How’s That Stimulus Workin’ Out For Ya?

38 days until the great flood.

Noted economist and author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb (The Black Swan) is blunt about it:

“Obama did exactly the opposite of what should have been done,” Taleb said yesterday in Montreal in a speech as part of Canada’s Salon Speakers series. “He surrounded himself with people who exacerbated the problem. You have a person who has cancer and instead of removing the cancer, you give him tranquilizers. When you give tranquilizers to a cancer patient, they feel better but the cancer gets worse.”

Of course, President Barack Obama’s (D-USA) not listening to the likes of Taleb. He prefers to listen to the likes of Nobel Award winning idiot, Paul Krugman, who thinks that the only problem with the stimulus is that we didn’t spend enough!

So, the choice on November 2 is clear. If the stimulus is workin’ for ya, vote for candidates who support it. If, on the other hand, it isn’t, and you’re worried about the long term budget outlook, like the Director of the CBO, vote for someone who wants to Stop The Insanity.

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