27 September, 2010

Revisiting The Past

My very first post on this blog laid out my frustrations with the GOP, and what they could do to bring me back into the fold. I went back to see how they’re doing. Here were my points from then (abbreviated for space)

  1. Create something like the Contract with America. Check.
  2. Go back to your base. Check.
  3. Keep your pants zipped. Hey, I haven’t heard about a Republican sex scandal in a while. Supposedly the NYT has something coming out about Representative John Boehner (R-OH-08). I’m sure it will be as reliable as what they had on Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in ‘08. Check.
  4. Be the party of energy independence. Meh. There’s a lot more they can do here. Fail.
  5. Eliminate Republican earmarks and pork barrel spending. They did this in 2010. Check. Nothing in the Pledge about continuing that, though. Hmmm.
  6. Be for small government. Check.
  7. Stay the course in Iraq. Check.
  8. Secure the borders. Even McCain seems to finally be on board with this. Check.
  9. Fight to keep the Bush tax cuts in place. Check.
  10. Lessen the emphasis on social issues on the national platform. Meh. Maybe a half check here.
  11. Stand up to the mainstream media. They’re doing better here. Sarah Palin is definitely leading this charge. Check.
  12. Start calling Democrats to the carpet on the “Culture of Corruption”. The Republican actions here have been timid. Fail.
  13. Point out the failures of the Democrats in Congress. Mostly a check. Hard to give a full check here. The failures are too numerous to point out in a succinct manner.
  14. Stop with the “boogeyman” letters and phone calls. Fail. Still getting those.
  15. Support the FairTax. Meh. Support is increasing, but needs to go farther. At least they’re not on board with a VAT though.

Only 3 fails. And a couple that I’d like to see more progress. Overall, though, perhaps the GOP is finally waking up and listening to the people.

And that’s why they’re doing much better in the polls, not just with me, but with all. The Democrats will realize that in 36 days.


The flood is coming.

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