28 September, 2010

How Big Will The Wave Be?

35 days and nights until the great flood.

Politico says the Democrats have given up on the House and are urging donors to save the Senate.

In some cases, donors report that they are being urged to fund Senate campaigns at the expense of the House, where Democrats are in danger of losing their majority.

One House Democratic fundraiser said that some Senate operatives are telling big donors and union officials, “The House is lost; you have to save the Senate.”

In addition, Republican John Raese leads in West Virginia by 2, according to latest Rasmussen poll. And, Republican Linda McMahon is catching up in Connecticut, down 3 according to Quinnipiac.

Nearly every poll lately is trending in the Republicans favor, with the exceptions of California and Washington. Even O’Donnell in Delaware is gaining. We’ll know more next week when Gallup switches from Registered Voters to Likely Voters in their polls. Gallup still says there’s a major enthusiasm gap, which indicates their likely voter models won’t be friendly to Democrats.

My prediction. House: Minimum 50 seat flip. Senate: Minimum 8 seat flip.

I wouldn’t be surprised if both of those numbers are off by 50% or more. Yes, that means I’m talking about 75+ and 12+. The wave is coming and we can see it 35 days out.

(h/t HotAir)

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