02 October, 2010


Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL-09) makes you wonder how the left can get away with calling conservatives “dumb”. After racist, that is their favorite attack on the right.

Schakowsky, though, gets new marks in cluelessness.

In her view, it’s “extreme” to quote the Constitution, or to believe that the Tenth Amendment actually means something, or to believe that government can only exist with the consent of the governed.

I’ll tell you who’s extreme. It’s her. Sadly, her district is just about immune from Republican takeover. I think Illinois is scheduled to lose a seat though. Maybe we can get lucky and get rid of hers, or at least make it less blue.


The sad thing is that in a party that contains people like Alan Grayson (D-FL-08) and Baron Hill (D-IN-09), I’m not sure she’s even at the bottom.

31 days until the flood.

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