21 March, 2021

I have one. I am not Thrilled with It

But I can manage.

Walmart has positioned itself as the biggest supporter of vaccine passports (reclaimthenet.org)

The author of the article is quite a bit more alarmed than I. I’ll let you be the judge.

When your actual passport – the one and only, for most people – a super serious piece of document issued by an actual government, based on hard facts like your nationality, place of birth, or long-term place of residence, is no longer enough to allow you to cross borders – what’s happening?

Usually, it’s because there’s a war. Any “boost” will help for sure – that sounds silly, but some people, and it’s no joke, will rely on a US supermarket chain to “boost their credentials” in this area.

Apparently, in the US, the serious business of administering the rushed-to-market Covid vaccines is also being done in Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. But that’s not all folks – now these retail establishments will be allowed to issue Covid “passports” of their own, verifying that the person with their app on their smartphone is eligible to board a plane out of Dodge – or if they must stay, enter school premises.

The author is hyperventilating a little, me thinks. Notice the phrase “rushed-to-market”, and there’s more.

To people outside the US it might actually be shocking to learn that Walmart got its foot in the door as an “administrator” of these vaccines, let alone that it will now have a say in determining who gets the “passport” and can therefore travel freely.

Frankly I doubt there’s more than a dozen people outside of the US who care about this. This kind of thing is going on everywhere. Is it unfortunate? Probably. Loss of privacy has been an ongoing thing though since we entered the digital age. The China virus may have accelerated that a little, but this is nothing new. And this is hardly the worst thing to be wringing ones hands over due to the China Virus.

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