22 March, 2021

It was Time on January 7th

It's time to get the National Guard out of Washington, DC (nypost.com)

Even as the southern border has become an open sieve, the nation’s capital remains a militarized camp more than two months after the Jan. 6 riot in the US Capitol. Democrats insist on ignoring a crisis even as they claim to fear what’s now clearly a phantom threat.

The party that was furious when President Donald Trump sent in the National Guard at the start of his successful effort to secure the border now insists on keeping a massive Guard presence in Washington, DC. Thousands were to head home this month, but Congress and the Biden administration opted to keep most of them on until at least May 23.

Absolute scum.

They should have been there on January 6. They should have left on January 7. Every day they are there is a disgrace.  It insults everything America is all about.

Democrats did this. They are killing my country. And they’re not even bothering to do it slowly anymore.

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