21 March, 2021

To Believe this I Must First Believe That There Will be a Fair Election in 2022—I have no Confidence of That Whatsoever

Biden tax hikes could open door for key GOP attack in 2022 election | Just The News

This should  be true. He’s going to destroy the economy. But since the Democrats have now perfected voter fraud, I am no longer sure it matters.

Rising gas prices. An immigration crisis at the southern border. Cancel culture. As the 2022 elections for control of Congress gear up, Republicans eager to reclaim control of part of Washington are searching for the chink in the Joe Biden Democratic armor.

Some conservatives are beginning to think the best issue on which to score points may be in the offing, when the Biden infrastructure and tax plans give Democrats their first opportunity to raise taxes.

Longtime anti-tax activist Grover Norquist said that while Biden is promising to increase taxes only on those making $400,000 or more a year, or corporations, Republicans will be able to spell out exactly how those increases will be passed down to everyday middle and working class voters.

Well, that’s definitely true. Every single American is going to feel the pain of these policies. I just wish I believed it mattered.

80 million of you voted for this.


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