21 March, 2021

Wow, Truth in Media—I’ve Forgotten What That’s Like

Slaoui says Trump admin. responsible for 90 percent vaccine rollout | One America News Network (oann.com)

As more Americans continue to get vaccinated daily, Operation Warp Speed officials are reminding the nation of the Trump administration’s efforts.

In an interview on Sunday, former head of Operation Warp Speed Dr. Moncef Slaoui said President Trump should be hailed for the majority of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout success. Slaoui added the Trump administration should take credit for at least 90 percent of distributions so far.

Read the whole thing. It’s not very long.

Of course the lies about this were predictable. Trump isn’t allowed to receive credit for anything.

Operation Warp Speed was an incredible success. Remember that when you get your shot. Remember who pushed it. Remember that Congress refused to fund it. Remember that funding bills start in the Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

Remember all that.

And if you still think the Democrats deserve credit for anything, you’ve lost your mind.

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