21 March, 2021

Maybe Try Making New York More Hospitable for Businesses—Just an Idea

Schumer Begs Airline Not To Move New York Jobs To Florida (thegatewaypundit.com)

The senior New York senator said he made his case on a phone call with JetBlue Chief Executive Robin Hayes Wednesday evening — a day after The Post exclusively reported that the carrier was considering whether to move some jobs from its Long Island City headquarters to existing offices in the Sunshine State.

On Thursday, Schumer told The Post he wanted to remind Hayes that “JetBlue’s roots and its future are here in New York.” He also pointed out the billions of dollars in federal aid that airlines like it have received during the coronavirus crisis.

That last sounds a little bit like extortion to me.

But businesses go from poor environments to better ones. That should be a hint to anyone thinking of raising corporate taxes.

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