17 February, 2021

Leftist ‘Tolerance’

Here Are The Professors Disparaging Rush Limbaugh’s Passing | The Daily Wire

Sarah Parcak, an anthropology professor at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, said she hoped that Limbaugh suffered until his last breath. “When a terrible piece of scum who caused immeasurable harm to millions dies, there is no sympathy,” Parcak said. “Only a desire that they suffered until their last breath.”

In a since-deleted tweet, James McMaster, an assistant professor in Asian American studies and gender and women’s/LGBTQ+ studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said he was grateful the world lost Limbaugh. “Very grateful that from today onward I will live in a world without Rush Limbaugh in it,” McMaster said.

Another University of Wisconsin-Madison associate professor in the Department of Gender & Women’s studies, Dr. Sami Schalk tweeted “welp” to the news of Limbaugh’s passing.

Professor of education at the University of South Carolina, Nick Mariner, blamed Limbaugh for his childhood trauma. “Rush Limbaugh is almost singularly responsible for making my childhood home more hostile, more anti-intellectual, and more oppositional. He was the worst of us, and I lament all the pretenders who want to fill his spot. #GoodRiddance,” Mariner tweeted.

Stephen Young, an adjunct faculty member in religious studies at Appalachian State University, said Limbaugh’s legacy will live in eternal shame. “Rush is dead and his shame is eternal. Save your mourning energy for activism to dismantle the evil world he helped build. May his name be an instructive curse forever,” Young tweeted.

In another since-deleted tweet, Yale professor of law and philosophy Scott Shapiro tweeted, “I wouldn’t say I was happy that Rush Limbaugh died. It’s more like euphoria.”

Professor Lora Burnett at Collin College in Texas tweeted “#BIH Rush Limbaugh.” “BIH” stands for “burn in hell.”

Another Collin College professor, Michael Phillips, wrote an obituary for Limbaugh. “He was a horrible human being beloved by the worst people on the planet. That’s my obit,” Phillips wrote.

Paul Thomas, a professor at Furman University, said not even cancer is a good enough excuse to mourn the life of Limbaugh. “Death and the tragedy of cancer in no way erase the facts of a person being a genuinely horrible entity that made a fortune at the expense of others. With almost no consequences,” Thomas said. “Death is no excuse for silence around evil.”

Erik Loomis, a professor of history at the University of Rhode Island, tweeted, “pour one out for Rush Limbaugh’s pill dealers.”

After the radio legend’s death, the hashtag “#goodriddance” and “Rest in Piss” began trending on Twitter. Mariam Durrani, an assistant professor of anthropology at Hamilton College in New York, called the hashtag “quality afternoon viewing.”

“The #goodriddance situation is quality afternoon viewing,” Durrani said.

A postdoctoral fellow at the University of Virginia tweeted that he had a slew of “tasteless” jokes running through his mind. “There are so many tasteless Rush jokes running through my brain right now.”

Rebecca Goetz, an associate professor of history at New York University responded by saying, “oh no anything that mocks that asshole is in very good taste [in my honest opinion].”

‘I’m glad he’s dead’: ‘Rest in piss’ trends as compassionate, tolerant liberals dance on Rush Limbaugh’s grave – twitchy.com

These are the same people who spent the last four years telling us what a horrible person Trump is. I don’t need any lectures on tolerance from the likes of this.


‘I’m Glad Rush Limbaugh Lived Long Enough To Get Cancer And Die.’ Blue-Check Leftists Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Death | The Daily Wire


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Liberals Gleefully Celebrate Rush Limbaugh's Death Hours After His Passing (lifezette.com)



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