19 February, 2021

Well, that’s a Fairly Racist Statement

Biden Suggests Some Minorities Do Not ‘Know How To Get Online To Determine How’ To Get Vaccinated | The Daily Wire

President Joe Biden suggested during a CNN town hall event this week that some minorities do not know how to “get online to determine” what they needed to do to get a vaccine for COVID-19.

Biden made the remark in response to a question from a member of the medical community that attended the event and told Biden that the pandemic has had a “significant impact on black Americans” in terms of exacerbating “racial disparities in healthcare” as “less than three percent of blacks and less than five percent of Hispanics” have been vaccinated so far.

If it were true, though, wouldn’t that mean that these same families would be having trouble getting online for their classes? And that we desperately need to open schools up if we want to help these minorities?



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