20 February, 2021

Cruz vs. Cuomo

This week Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took his daughters on a trip to Cancun in the midst of a winter freeze in his home state of Texas.

Meanwhile, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) battled accusations that he covered up the deaths of thousands in NY nursing homes.

One was a small family trip that led to the suffering of…well, no one really.

The other was about the deaths of thousands.

Easy to decide which should get more coverage, right?

Yeah, about that.

‘Jaw-Dropping’: Comedian Mocks Massive Media Coverage Gap Between Cruz And Cuomo | The Daily Caller

Cuomo received 55 seconds to Cruz’s 3:15 on ABC’s “World News Tonight,” and “NBC Nightly News” gave 1:30 to Cuomo and two full minutes to Cruz. CNN devoted 2:42 to covering Cuomo, but spent ten times that — 25:31 — talking about Cruz. MSNBC made no mention of Cuomo, but gave over 20 minutes of coverage to Cruz. Only the “CBS Evening News” gave Cuomo (1:45) more coverage than Cruz (45 seconds).

That’s 6:52 spent covering Cuomo, and 51:31 for Cruz.

That seems about right.

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