16 February, 2021

Liberals Hate America—Once You Understand that, Everything Makes Sense

‘Hate Being Spewed In The Name Of Patriotism’: WaPo Opinion Attacks Anthem Before Games | The Daily Wire

On Monday, The Washington Post published an opinion piece from a former Post sports columnist, in which he stated that we’ve now weaponized the ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’” adding, “Wholly supporting its continued inclusion at domestic sporting events is our new shallow-end referendum on patriotism. … There is a silent majority out there, tired of the hate being spewed in the name of patriotism.”

Uhh..”we” didn’t weaponize the Star Spangled Banner. You did. When you decided to kneel for it. When you started pretending that the flag was a symbol of oppression and not one of freedom.

I have a simple solution for you.

You don’t like America?


And don’t come back.

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