15 February, 2021

Twitter Bans Wayne Allyn Root

WAYNE ROOT: I’ve Been Banned by Twitter, You’re Next (thegatewaypundit.com)

A decade ago, I gave a speech to 1000 conservatives in San Francisco. I opened with a joke. I said, ‘It’s a little confusing to be in a city where you can be openly gay, openly transsexual,
but you have to be a closet conservative.’ It was a joke and the crowd roared. Now look how far we’ve come. Being a conservative is now a crime worthy of banning in America.

Conservatives are clearly the last remaining group that can be openly discriminated against. It’s legal to make me and my opinions ‘disappear’- even though my opinions represent 74 million voters in this past election. Even though I was clearly popular on Twitter. I gained over 70,000 new fans on Twitter in just a few weeks around the election.

But see, there’s the real problem. I was popular. And I speak raw truth. My opinions were attracting quite a following. Twitter and liberals couldn’t allow that. The truth might catch on. Truth might spread. Americans might start to ask questions. That would be bad for business.

So now, I’m a political prisoner…in America. My opinions are banned. What’s next? Black armbands for conservatives? Gun confiscation? Re-education camps?

You think he’s making a mountain out of a molehill, but others have suggested re-education camps already.

The next four years will see the greatest crackdowns on freedoms in this country in more than 100 years.

And 80 million of you voted for it.


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