12 December, 2021

Due to Lockdowns

So, the question has to be, did lockdowns actually save any lives? Hard to believe the answer is yes.

47,000 More People Died of This Disease in 2020 Due to Lockdowns, World Health Organization Reports - Foundation for Economic Education (fee.org)

And this doesn’t even count all the people who died because elective surgeries were canceled, or just because they were afraid to get out and go to their doctors.

And this is just malaria, not anything else.

Governments around the world took drastic measures in 2020 in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19, in many cases locking down economies and confining people to their homes for months on end. The extent to which these measures actually helped contain the COVID-19 pandemic is highly dubious. But the death toll from the unintended consequences of lockdowns continues to mount.

Has anyone done a deep analysis on excess deaths in 2020 and 2021? I’d love to see one. It would prove once and for all whether or not we have been right to be scared of this virus.

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