12 December, 2021

There’s a Lot of Truth in This Article

I see my 15 year old struggling, and I don’t know what to do.

Mask mandates are harming our childrens' development (nypost.com)

Parents tell me they feel completely at a loss about how to effect sane change. The teacher has no control, the principal has no power. Few know their superintendent. The mayor is out to lunch, and, anyway, in New York the school-masking rules come from the top. Gov. Kathy Hochul has stuck toddlers as young as 2 in masks indefinitely. Our geriatric governor, far more at risk of hospitalization or death due to COVID than a child, is frequently seen maskless in crowds herself.

Children need interaction. They need to be able to see and hear. And most of all, they need to not be scared of everything and everyone around them. We have failed an entire generation of students, and I don’t know if they’ll ever recover.

We can go to concerts, dinner, Broadway shows. But being in the same room as the population least at risk for a poor COVID-19 outcome is forbidden. It’s because our leaders have decided that concerts, dinners, Broadway shows matter while parental involvement in kids’ education just doesn’t. They pretend there are no consequences to this. There are.

I’ll be honest.

Reading this piece made me cry. I see what she’s talking about in my own kids. And I feel so helpless, just like so many parents. We have got to save our children.

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