12 December, 2021

Sadly, Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia Make That Impossible

Remember that this blog describes Islamophobia as being afraid to stand up to Islamic terrorism.

Israeli Prime Minister urges countries to take a hardline stance on Iran | One America News Network (oann.com)

Yeah. The problem is that they don’t like you, and they’re scared of Iran. So, that’s not going to happen.

Israel tapped the U.S. and other countries to take a hardline stance against Iran as the countries deliberate reviving the failed nuclear deal.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urged countries to be wary when dealing with Iran, stressing Iran cannot continue to violate agreements while trying to negotiate new ones.

Bennett’s sentiments came after deliberations in Vienna ended in a stalemate with U.S. and foreign negotiators reporting Iran had taken a hardline stance of its own.

They already have.

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