12 December, 2021

Millions of Kids Will Be Depressed Because This Means That Baseball Bat Manufacturers Can’t Be Liable for Broken Windows

Nevada Supreme Court Finds Gun Makers Not Liable for Las Vegas Massacre - The Truth About Guns

Yes, that is a 100% apt analogy.

Somehow it seems newsworthy when the law, as written, is applied as written and intended. The Nevada Supreme Court has found that a group of gun manufacturers and retailers are not liable in the Las Vegas shooting that took place at a music festival in October of 2017.

As Courthouse News reports, the Court ruled that . . .

…that state law grants immunity to gun makers and sellers from lawsuits pertaining to the 2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert.

The court ruled the text of the law and the legislative history shield the gun companies from most liability, even if the guns at issue are proven to be illegal. The justices said the law could be changed by the Legislature but could not be altered by the judiciary.

Yes, the sad point here is that this is actually newsworthy. It should not be worth mentioning when the law makes sense and its application makes sense.

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